NGCodec has developed an FPGA based H.265/HEVC encoder IP core for FPGA's.

  • Resolution and frame rate CIF to 1080p60, 2160p30 or 2160p60
  • Up to 2 simultaneously encoded streams
  • Latency of less than 1 frame to 4 seconds
  • OpenMax IL based host API
  • 4:2:0 8-bit and 10-bit
  • I and P frames

The benefits of a FPGA design compared with ASICs:

  • Programmability. The design is fully programmable, allowing to be enhanced over time and to add improvements.
  • Platform for differentiation. The product can be enhanced by NGCodec or by the customer to allow new functionality or capabilities and address new use cases and situations allowing the product to evolve over time and request a price premium.
  • Upgrade path. The design can be upgraded over time to more advanced FPGA families to be able to reduce the power, cost and increase functionality. Over time those new FPGA will outperform the current ASICs.
  • Flexibility, we do support a family of FPGA, this have a number of elements that can be selected to support specific needs and to optimize more closely to the product requirements

More technical details are available under a NDA. Please contact us.

Mapping to Different Xilinx FPGA Devices