NGCodec Joins New Huawei 5G Cloud VR/AR/MR SIG at Mobile World Congress 2018

Barcelona, Spain. NGCodec, a pioneer in cloud video processing, has joined the 5G Cloud VR/AR/MR Special Interest Group (SIG) established by Huawei’s Wireless Xlabs at the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC). The participants include leading VR and wireless technology providers seeking to stream experiences through the cloud targeting upcoming 5G wireless networks. Consumer applications hold the promise of speeding the adoption of 5G, but must break new ground, beyond today’s ubiquitous mobile broadband networks. NGCodec believes that streaming the cloud directly to the user interface can create a new wave of consumer application innovation. This vision is detailed in a new white paper by TIRIAS Research entitled “The Instantaneous Cloud: Emerging Consumer Applications of 5G Wireless Networks” now available at online.

“NGCodec is working actively with service and network providers to demonstrate the synergy between low latency 5G wireless networks and high quality, low latency video streaming technology,” said the company’s new VP of Worldwide Business Development, Ian Jefferson. “Today’s Cloud video streaming technology from NGCodec designed for the most demanding live video streaming applications will continue to develop in support of upcoming cloud VR services on 5G networks.”

“Without new consumer applications, 5G will be unable to drive new models or monetization and risks slow adoption.” said Oliver Gunasekara CEO and Founder of NGCodec. “Taking advantage of the massive improvement in latency with 5G technology can unlock an instantaneous cloud with new and inventive business models. The next generation of immersive, high performance VR/AR/MR applications will be streamed directly to affordable and ubiquitous mobile devices.”

The company’s RealityCodec™  is optimized for low latency, streaming VR over a network with no noticeable difference between the encoded stream and a directly connected head mounted display. Today, this technology delivers broadcast quality H.265/HEVC for real-time streaming in the Amazon EC2 F1 Cloud and low latency H.265/HEVC for interactive virtual reality.

About NGCodec Inc.
NGCodec® has been in passionate pursuit of next generation video compression since 2012. With the support of investors including Xilinx, NGCodec’s agile startup team has created Reality Codec™, a compressor-decompressor technology optimized for ultra-low latency, high-quality applications. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, NGCodec leverages FPGA acceleration in the Cloud to lower encoding costs by 10x over traditional CPU encoders. Learn more at online.

 5G Cloud VR SIG Meeting on Monday 26th February at MWC 2018