NGCodec to Deliver Broadcast-Quality Video Live Streams to Twitch with VP9 Encoding

Twitch will deploy NGCodec’s VP9 Encoding Solution Starting in Early 2019 Reducing Bandwidth Requirements for High Quality Live Streams by 25%

November 12, 2018. NGCodec, a pioneer in cloud video processing, and Twitch, the leading service and community for multiplayer entertainment, will deploy VP9 encoding to deliver high quality live streams at 25% of the bandwidth of H.264/AVC. Twitch has licensed NGCodec’s encoding solution to produce a high compression-efficiency video on the royalty-free VP9 codec. With this solution, Twitch users stand to receive broadcast quality streams with significantly lower bandwidth requirements. 

 “VP9 decoding is widely supported by our viewers and the royalty free codec offers high quality streams at much lower bandwidth than the 15 year old H.264/AVC standard,” said Martin Hess, Sr. Director Video Platform at Twitch. “Deploying NGCodec and FPGA-based servers on our private cloud will substantially reduce bandwidth costs while delivering high quality live streams.”

 NGCodec has pioneered low latency live video encoding on XilinxⓇ programmable FPGA processors which is the only real-time, broadcast quality live VP9 encoder solution in the market. The NGCodec VP9 RealityCodecTM simultaneously encodes up to 32 multi-resolution streams on a single FPGA compute unit. This dramatic reduction in infrastructure requirements eases the migration to the high-quality, high efficiency VP9 codec. 

 “The emergence of VP9 is helping to pave the way toward ubiquitous high quality streaming,” said Matt Frost, Director, Product Management, Google Chrome. “Increasing video quality without increasing bandwidth is a win win for users and streaming service providers.”

 “We are thrilled by the opportunity to power millions of live, social streams using our latest VP9 encoding solution,” said Oliver Gunasekara, CEO of NGCodec. “Migrating to VP9 has clear technical advantages which our customers can now enjoy with lower infrastructure and bandwidth costs.”


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NGCodec® has been in passionate pursuit of next generation video compression since 2012. With the support of investors including Xilinx, NGCodec’s agile startup team has created Reality Codec™, a compressor-decompressor technology optimized for ultra-low latency, high-quality applications. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, NGCodec leverages FPGA acceleration in the Cloud to lower encoding costs by 10x over traditional CPU encoders. Learn more at


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