NGCodec & VYUsync will showcase an Ultra-Low Latency H.265/HEVC Codec Solution based on Xilinx FPGAs at NAB Show 2017

NAB Show 2017 at Las Vegas Convention Centre, on 22 – 27 April 2017 – NGCodec® & VYUsync are proud to announce end to end ¼ frame ultra-low latency 4K HEVC/H.265 codec solutions on Xilinx FPGA Platforms. Both companies in their respective booths will be showing combined H.265/HEVC live encoder/decoder demos:

In the VYUsync Booth (#SU11321) a real-time 1080p60 video captured via live camera is encoded using NGCodec’s real-time encoder and the same is decoded using VYUsync’s real time HEVC decoder. The codec solution is already proven in the field & trusted by leaders in the broadcasting industry.

In the NGCodec Booth (#N2635SP-A) a live VR game playing  on a high end PC is encoded by NGCodec’s real-time encoder running in a Xilinx FPGA PCIe card and streamed to theVYUsync’s real time HEVC decoder running in a remote FPGA card. The video is then sent to the HTC® Vive HMD. The demo runs at native resolution of the HTC Vive (2160 x 1200 at 90 fps) and uses just 0.2% of the uncompressed bit rate with no perceived latency or loss of image quality.

“VYUsync has developed a fully standards compliant H.265/HEVC video decoder which supports up to 4KP604:2:2, 12-bit in a Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale FPGA” said Oliver Gunasekara, CEO & Co-founder of NGCodec. “By working together VYUsync enhanced their decoder to support sub-frame low latency decoding”   

“NGCodec 4K H.265/HEVC encoder family supports a range of resolutions and compression ratios for embedded, cloud transcoding and cloud VR applications” said Sivakiran Nagisetty,  CEO & Founder, VYUsync. “The close collaboration between NGCodec and VYUsync has enabled unique applications like Cloud VR to be possible”


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About NGCodec:

NGCodec® has been in passionate pursuit of next generation video compression since 2012. With the support of investors including Xilinx, NGCodec’s agile startup team has created Reality Codec™, a compressor-decompressor technology optimized for ultra-low latency, high-quality applications. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, NGCodec licenses its H.265/HEVC video codec silicon intellectual property (IP) to semiconductor and equipment manufacturers around the world. Learn more at @NGCodec.


VYUsync Design Solutions headquartered in Bangalore, India is a state of the art product engineering company since 2010 delivering intellectual property cores and dedicated hardware platforms for efficient implementation of application specific markets. VYUsync offers wide range of FPGA based video codecs across multiple video standards that cover HEVC/H.265, H.264 & MPEG-2 at resolutions up to 4K and are highly optimized for deployment across wide array ofmarketsegments such asBroadcasting, Entertainment, Medical, Defense and Space. For more information please visit  @VYUsync