Demuxed 2018 Talk - How to build a high quality 'live' HD VP9 Encoder

I was at Demuxed this year where I spoke on "How to build a high quality 'live' HD VP9 Encoder ". I was joined in the talk by my colleague and hardware expert Nguyen. Demuxed is an annual conference of video engineers held in downtown SFO. This year was a 2-day event and every session was packed to an audience of over 300 people. It was a great experience to meet and interact with talented professionals in the streaming video industry. The event was streamed live on Twitch and you can access the recorded clip.

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Over the last year, I have been a part of the NGCodec team focused on implementation of a live VP9 encoder that can deliver compression efficiency similar to HEVC. This was the focus of our talk this year where we described the architecture of an FPGA-based VP9 encoder that can deliver pristine quality video at high resolutions and lower bitrates. Using the coding tools in VP9 coupled with intelligent mode decisions, rate control and adaptive quantization mechanisms, we were able to achieve 30% improvement in compression efficiency over H.264. In the talk, we explained how FPGAs can be used to design a system that can perform heavy computations like motion estimation and complex mode decisions to optimize video quality. This system is software-like with flexible upgrades and yet high density making it deployable on-prem or in the Cloud.

I also had the wonderful opportunity to announce details of my upcoming book on Video Coding. Titled Decode To Encode, the book answers the hows and whys of elements in H.264, H.265 and VP9. It provides video engineers and students the fundamentals of video compression in a simple language with many examples and illustrations. The book will be released by thanksgiving this year and you can have early access by signing up here.

Thanks to the entire #Demuxed2018 team for providing this wonderful platform to interact and share ideas with experts in the streaming industry.