NGCodec CES 2018 Round up


NGCodec was at the America’s Seed Fund Powered by the National Science Foundation at Eureka Park. It was a great show and we demonstrated our RealityCodec Video compression technology for VR application. Cloud-based VR is an emerging application for cloud video encoding where high end graphics applications are run in the cloud, and output is converted to compressed video streams for rapid transmission to untethered mobile users. The performance of cloud servers is 20x that of smartphone clients, bringing today's PC class performance to any head-mounted display. Our RealityCodec is optimized for ultra low latency enabling streaming VR content over a network with no noticeable difference between the encoded stream and a directly connected head mounted display. By deploying mobile edge servers with built-in RealityCodec encoders, we believe service providers will be well positioned to provide VR experiences as a service to consumers in the near term.

The demo set up at CES2018 consisted a PC running a high-end game powered by SteamVR and rendered using a high-performance Nvidia PC graphics card. The uncompressed video graphics from the Nvidia card were fed as input to the Hardware accelerated FPGA RealityCodec Ultra Low Latency Encoder. The output of the encoder was connected to a low latency decoder through a network switch with the decoder output connected to the HMD over HDMI. The head and hand movements from the user were also captured in real-time and fed back to the PC application to render the next frame.

Check the video below where Oliver Gunasekara, our CEO explains and showcases the technology.