NGCodec Wireless VR demo at CES

Celeno Communications hosted us in their demo suite in the 35th floor of the Venetian tower. We announced a partnership with them last month to demonstrate sub frame Wireless VR over 802.11ac 5Ghz WiFi. 

We scheduled around 40 meetings with most of the major VR/AR players and had an additional 10 meetings of Celeno referrals. It was a crazy busy 3 days. In total about 100 people tried our demo.

 The NGCodec / Celeno Wireless VR demo at CES  Diagram of the CES demo. Click to download the PDF CES flyer

Our demo consists of an 'A' 'B' test. In one configuration the PC was directly connected to the HMD via HDMI. In a different configuration the PC was connected via our RealityCodec™ in a FPGA and WiFi show above. The Output of the PC was compressed to 15Mbps using H.265 and sent over Celeno 802.11ac WiFi to a video decoder and then sent to the HMD.

The goal was for people to see if they could detect which of the settings 'A' or 'B' uses our RealityCodec and Celeno WiFi. In setting 'A' the HDMI was using 3GBps and in settings 'B' it was using 15Mbps over WiFi. This is a 250:1 reductions. 

 My Laptop (2016 MacBook Pro) Speedtest in Las Vegas Hotel.

We asked people to look for compression artifacts, increased latency and wireless packet drops. 80% of people could not tell any difference or selected the wrong choice as Wifi. 10% detected packet loss. We are working on a solution to improve this with Celeno. 10% could detect a small increase in latency. Again we will soon halve our latency on our next demo.

We also talked about Cloud VR/AR/MR. Many service providers see this as a great opportunity for Fibre+WiFi to the home and in the future 5G. More demos on this to come. BTW in my hotel in las Vegas (Luck Dragon) I had a 3ms ping to the local internet server in Overton, NV. Clearly this hotel has a fibre connections and could deliver Cloud VR today.

P.S. I especially want to thank Neel our senior software enginner who prepared the demo and drove and set it up in Las Vegas.

P.P.S Our next demo & meetings will be at MWC and GDC.

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