NGCodec has a new CTO

I am excited to announce that after working full time for NGCodec for the last 16 months, Frank Bossen Ph.D. has been promoted to be our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and joins the leadership team.

Frank is well known in the MPEG/ISO/ITU video codec community standardization (JCT-VC) having had responsibility for the reference software in the H.265/HEVC standard. He authored multiple patents that are essential to the H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC standards. He has held various VP, research and development positions at companies including IBM, Sony, GE, and NTT DoCoMo.  

As an Architect at NGCodec Frank's technical contribution to NGCodec has has been significant, including creating many of the algorithm inventions which are implemented in our video encoder and have been filed as provisional patent applications. 

Frank's leadership will only accelerate NGCodec's success and I am looking forward to working more closely with him.

BlogOliver Gunasekara