Predictions for the new Apple TV Digital Media Adapter

Tomorrow at 10am Apple is holding its annual September event to launch new products.  Of course we will get new iPhone 6S with better cameras, force touch and more performance from the Samsung manufactured 14nm A9 chip. iOS9 and OS X El Capitan. Maybe new iPad's.

But the rumors are the 3 year old Apple TV digital media adapter will also get updated. 10 months ago I wrote a blog post about the new TV technologies I would like see. Namely Cinema wide 4K, 1000 Nits display, HDR, wider color gamut, High frame rate, 4:4:4, HEVC. On a digital media adapter instead of a TV main of these technologies are not possible. What makes sense is to support HDR and wider color gamut for newer TV which have HDMI 2.0a. So here are the three tent pole features I think Apple will introduce for the new Apple TV:

  • 3rd party Apps via iOS 9 and new SDK, with a focus on casual gaming
  • New remote with Siri & gaming support
  • Higher quality 1080p videos using HDR, wide color gamut, 4:4:4 and HEVC