NGCodec will attend a panel at Silicon Valley IP Users Conference 2015

NGCodec will participate on the Afternoon Panel Discussion: IP: Product or Service?

Moderator: Rich Goldman, Partner, Silicon Catalyst


Hans Bouwmeester, VP Engineering Operations, Open-Silicon

Rob Cosaro, Fellow, Silicon Valley Center, Freescale

Bruce Elder, Director, Intellectual Property and Licensing, IDT

Oliver Gunasekara, CEO & Co-Founder, NGCodec

Claude Moughanni, Senior Director of Solutions, Verification, Validation and Characterization, Lattice Semiconductor 

Abstract: It is a debate as old as the semiconductor IP industry itself: is IP a product business or a service business? Might it potentially be both? This panel will explore this conundrum, including touching on the following questions:

• Is the IP industry primarily rooted in products or services?

• What are the benefits to offering both products and services? What are the difficulties?

• What does the average customer want? Off-the-shelf? Partial customization? Full custom? What are the various challenges of each?

We will conclude the discussion with a brief roundtable segment in which the audience may pose questions to the moderator and panelists.

More information is here.


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