JCT-VC meeting in Vienna

NGCodec was at the JCT-VC/MPEG Meeting in Vienna, to help the industry to continue with the development of the HEVC standard.

After the ratification of HEVC/H.265 version 1, JCT-VC is working on version 2 and some further enhancements related to scalability.

In relation to HEVC version 1 we were mostly working on conformance and reference software, but there were a number of small issues that were reported on a defect report.

HEVC version 2 (range extensions) reached the draft stage and it is intended to be approved during Q1 of 2014. It does include new profiles: Main 12, Main 4:2:2 12, Main 4:4:4 12, Main 4:2:2 10 and Main 4:4:4 10. These could be extended with additional techniques for applications requiring even higher quality, like studio, medical, screen content and lossless and some further still picture profiles. A number of new techniques were added, most importantly to produce better performance for screen content, like Intra Motion Compensation and extensions to Transform Skipping.

Further work was conducted on the Draft text for the scalable technology based on HEVC (called SHVC). It is the intention to reach draft stage at the next meeting. This will be suitable for applications that required scalability (resolution, frame rate, quality, color gamut etc.) The goal is to complete this work before the end of 2014. The work to perform color gamut and bit-depth scalability was accelerated and we are expecting some important results at the next meeting.

They were some further discussions on the creation of a royalty free video standard. The response for the Call for Proposals issued on the last meeting was valuated, Google was the only company responding to this CfP using VP8. Its technology will be used as the base for further exploration on the creation of a royalty free codec.

MPEG is also driving two additional activities, one based on H.264 CBP (WebVC) and one started from scratch (IVC).

There were a number of 3D/multiview related activities, including AVC+depth, MVC+depth, Multiview HEVC.

There were some further study of adding some additional interlaced video coding tools to HEVC (based on PAFF) and some further results from this work will be disused on the next meeting.

They were some further discussions in relation to the inclusion of new Frame Packing SEI messages.

Movie studios expressed their need to support the XYZ color space; it is the intention of JCT-VC to add metadata to be able to support this on HEVC in the future.

A new level 8.5 for Main Still Picture profile was added, that requires to use Tiles for larger resolution images.

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