NGCodec's CTO to present an HEVC paper at IBC 2013

Alberto Dueñas NGCodec's CTO and Co-Founder will present an HEVC technical paper at IBC in Amsterdam on Sunday 15th September at 08.30am. More information is on the IBC web site.


This paper provides some details about the emerging HEVC video compression standard. It describes the implementation challenges associated with the design of a UHDTV HEVC encoder that is capable of delivering very high compression efficiency compared with previously available encoders based on H.264/AVC. HEVC also caters for a new range of applications. It does, however, contribute a very large new set of tools to codec designers, that lead to new challenges and the need to develop new algorithms and ways to implement them in real-time. This paper will introduce the basis of the HEVC standard and compare it with previous-generation standards, focusing on the fundamental elements that lead to the compression efficiency gain and better performance. This paper also describes multiple implementation trade-offs used in the design and methods for overcoming the challenges of developing a high compression efficiency product. 

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