NGCodec is developing the Next Generation of video encoder technology that implements the H.265/HEVC standard (and also supports AVC/H.264). Our products are delivered as Silicon IP in the form of RTL or net lists for implementation inside a System on a Chip (SoC) or inside an FPGA and would support resolutions up to 4K Ultra High Definition TV.

Our work leverages our team’s extensive background in building high quality, low-latency video encoders. Unlike decoders, the encoder is not standardized. Each vendor invents unique algorithms. 

More information is available under NDA—please contact us

NGCodec's video encoders are differentiated via: 

  • One frame of latency glass-to-glass over a wireless/internet link
  • Very high compression efficiency/video quality
  • Very low system power consumption
  • Very low memory bandwidth
  • Highly programmable architecture
  • Real-time in a low cost FPGA
  • Tiny area in an SoC process
  • Scalable to 4320p60 (8K)