Location: Silicon Valley

POSITION: Video Codec Algorithm Engineer

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Develop video compression algorithms using standard compression schemes such as HEVC, AVC, VP9, AV1, and MPEG-2. Develop video processing software for noise removal and high dynamic range video. Optimize and analyze existing video encoder software and develop new features to improve subjective and objective video quality.

EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: Master’s Degree in Electronics Engineering or foreign educational equivalent.

EXPERIENCE: At least three years of experience as a Video Codec Algorithms Engineer or Principal Video Codec Engineer required.

SPECIAL SKILLS: Requires experience with developing algorithms for adaptive tuning of video encoders for improved PSNR or visual quality; writing low level firmware for control of HW blocks; image processing, especially spacio-temporal noise filtering; and at least three years of experience with H.264 and HEVC encoding standards.

LOCATION: Sunnyvale, CA
Send resumes to NGCodec, Inc., 440 North Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale, CA 94085.